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Paradigm Dicon Autoperimeter LD 500  
The fusion  of innovation and ease  
The LD 500 is the comprehensive solution for precision, ease of use, quality patient management, and rapid exam time.
Its easy 2 button operation allows for quick exam selections. Its  kinectic fixation and voice prompts eliminates the duty of urging patient fixation.
It provides 4 exam strategies: Threshold Related Suprathreshold, Full Threshold, Fast Threshold, and Quantify Missed Points.
The Paradigm Dicon Autoperimeter LD 500 offers the superior results, speed and analysis needed to see more patients without sacrificing patient care.
The LD 500 is a compact and easy to use 60 degree perimeter that  features:   
  • Voice recognition and prompts in 28 languages
  • Enhanced patient management and data analysis
    with its included Avanced FieldView software
  • Transfer and print patient data via USB
  • Rapid exam times
  • Windows 7 and Vista compatible
Rapid Testing
60 Degrees
30 Degrees
Voice Recognition & Prompt
Kinetic Fixation
Custom Controller
Advanced FieldView Software
Advanced FieldLink Software

LD700 AutoPerimeter  
The LD700 is a compact, portable, and fast 30 degree autoperimeter.
The LD700 features new threshold algorithms, that enhance the reliability and reproducibility of threshold levels, and automatic measurement of patient response time. These two factors are now believed to have important significance in the reliable detection and monitoring of Glaucoma conditions.
LD700 AutoPerimeter Features  
  • A portable autoperimeter weighing a mere 11 lbs / 5.5 kg
  • New threshold algorithms
  • An integral printer when the custom controller is used to operate the LD700
  • Accurate visual field screening results for each eye in under 2 minutes
Existing Dicon LD400 Autoperimeters can be upgraded to the full versatility and functionality of the LD 500. For more information contact Paradigm’s service department or click on this link  
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